Expect the unexpected from Jim Norris. Your first impression will be of an affable, somewhat goofy, user-friendly VO guy. But don’t let that easygoing, exterior fool you.  This is a talent with d-e-p-t-h.  Go below the surface of that genuine, guy-next-door

"everyman" so sought after in commercial work and you will discover a treasure trove of talent and versatility.  Explore Jim's whack-a-doodle world of exacting villains and bumbling heroes as he dives into animation scripts with energy and enthusiasm.  Delve deeper, and you will discover a wealth of both knowledge and intelligence. To wit: Jim has voiced over 200 hour-long Sapphire Planet podcasts on matters both historical and scientific. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Always professional, Jim Norris is a delight to work with, adding just the right amount of quirkiness to the serious work in the booth. After all, who else do you know who uses a seahorse as his moniker?